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Winston K. Fogarty


Winston K. Fogarty is a Partner at Regent Law. As General Counsel and Executive Director of the DOJ unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) from 2001 to 2008, Winston oversaw the delivery of legal advice to Canada’s Missions around the world pertaining to issues involving security, private commercial law, international conventions and litigation. He subsequently served in a similar role as General Counsel to the President of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and as lead counsel in charge of litigation, private commercial law and matters involving the corruption of officials. Winston served as a member of CIDA’s Executive Team.

In 2013, with the amalgamation of DFAIT and CIDA, Winston was chosen to become the Senior General Counsel (DOJ) at the new Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD). He completed his public service career in the fall of 2014 by managing the DOJ Legal Division at DFATD, which is comprised of more than thirty lawyers. He had oversight responsibilities for the conduct of all Crown law legal advisory business lines for DFATD, including civil litigation.

In light of his extensive experience in the field of international relations, Winston understands well the corporate culture, business structure and internal processes within the federal government sphere that maximizes the opportunity for his clients to achieve successful outcomes when engaging the public sector.

Education: B.A. Trent University; LL.B. University of Ottawa; LL.M. Master of Laws (International Law) London School of Economics and Political Science; Certificates in Advanced Negotiation and Mediation, Harvard Law School.

Winston specializes in competition law, corporate fraud, commercial litigation, international business development and government relations.

Winston is a seasoned lawyer with a diverse legal background gained from over thirty years in the practice of law with Canada’s federal Department of Justice (DOJ). He is results-oriented and is driven to develop innovative approaches that influence and change events in the favour of his clients. He began his career as a prosecutor representing the Attorney General of Canada in criminal cases at the trial and appellate level. Over the course of a distinguished career Winston has demonstrated his depth and versatility by engaging in:

  • Anti-trust litigation and the provision of legal advisory services to Canada’s Bureau of Competition Policy
  • Complex national security litigation on behalf of the Ministers of Public Safety and Immigration
  • The delivery of law enforcement advisory services on operational matters as General Counsel to the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and member of the RCMP’s Executive Committee

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