Category: Corporate Finance
15 Sep

Moore et al. v. Assaly et al.

Four companies owned by Thomas G. Assaly have now been declared bankrupt following the appointment of Doyle Salewski Inc. as Receiver over those companies. The Receiver has found that moneys from these companies, many of which funds were solicited from our clients as investments in real estate developments which did not proceed, were collapsed into..

02 Sep

Impact Tool & Mould Inc. (Receiver of) v. BDO Dunwoody Ltd. (2013) ONSC 2616

In a recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Court found in favour of our client and ordered the disclosure of information over which BDO Dunwoody Ltd. claimed solicitor-client privilege, accepting our argument that solicitor-client privilege could not shield a Trustee’s documents from disclosure where there exists an apparent conflict of interest...