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Announcing the Creation of a Joint Legal Powerhouse to Better Serve You, Canada-Wide

Regent Law of Toronto and Ottawa in alliance with Burstall LLP of Calgary, jointly announce the creation of a formidable national boutique law firm.

Burstall and Regent have established Canada’s national business law firm to meet your demands as sophisticated entrepreneurs and business leaders in the core commercial fields relevant to your operations.

How we define ourselves – Who We Are – Our Service Approach

We know business. We have implemented a fresh forward-thinking approach that differentiates us from any prior experience you may have had with other law firms. We’re markedly different because we:

Deploy our team of experts from our locations across the country to develop innovative strategies predicated on accomplishing a well-defined mission in a critical path time frame.

Concentrate on developing fast-track solutions rather than dragging matters out. Your goal is to be back in charge of what you do well. Our objective is to ensure you are leading your company by focusing your energy, time, and resources on your business agenda to market your brand instead of fighting a rear guard action. See us as part of your team rather than acting out of self-interest.

Rely upon a business model formulated on ‘low overhead’. We avoided creating unnecessary bricks and mortar infrastructure or replicating identical units of skill sets in our locations. We don’t over lawyer. We see ourselves as a special forces unit able to dispatch its members to the field to get the job done. Your expectation is to acquire the best intellectual capital. We’re not out to impress you with anything more than our talent.

Partner with you to achieve your success by offering a variety of innovative flexible billing arrangements to support your end game. We share your interests. We understand the value of money, the importance of cost-certainty, and the need to avoid surprises resulting from unpredictable spikes in fees.

The combined strengths gained from the creation of our national boutique law firm allows us to provide entrepreneurs and business leaders with the following legal advisory services:

  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring
  • Competition Law
  • Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Securities
  • Corporate Governance, compliance and due diligence
  • Corporate and commercial litigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment
  • Energy
  • Franchising
  • Government Procurement
  • Immigration Law for foreign business entrepreneurs
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Trade
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Securities Litigation and Securities Fraud
  • Tax Law

Our Commitment: In all subject matter areas, we pledge to provide our clients with innovative and strategic counsel to eliminate constraints and barriers and which allow you a more comprehensive way of managing your risk and achieving your business goals.

Our Vision: Our team of award-winning lawyers excels at applying its collective legal and business acumen to identify innovative and forward thinking approaches for business leaders.

Our Mission: We implement our vision by listening to our clients and offering strategic counsel that helps them manage risk, reach their business goals and accomplish their ambitions.

Our Values: We define our firm by our integrity and trust that allows us to relinquish personal constraints and focus our skills on delivering services and products that far surpass client expectations.

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